Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto Series Ranked

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto

Undoubtedly Naruto is the most popular and masterpiece anime series but do you know which are the strongest characters in Naruto? Which is the most powerful Naruto character? Probably not, but don’t worry, in this article I will discuss the top 12 strongest characters in Naruto.

Naruto was initially launched in 2002 with 220 episodes and becomes a big hit among the fans. Later creator launched their sequel Naruto Shippuden with 500 episodes which make a total of 720 episodes.

By following both parts, Naruto has a long list of powerful characters, and I picked up the top 12 strongest Naruto characters among them. Also, read Why anime is so popular?

Top 12 Strongest Characters In Naruto

Naruto features a large number of powerful characters, but it is not feasible to mention them all, that is why I compiled the 12 strongest characters in Naruto. I will try to explain further why particular characters are on the list and what justifies their position.

12. Might Guy – The Master Of Eighth Gate

Strongest Characters In Naruto

A green jumpsuit guy is probably among the strongest characters in Naruto and is also a self-proclaimed rival of Kakashi. Might Guy is a perfect example of how being powerful does not necessarily imply possessing all skills; you can excel at one thing at a time.

The main source of the Might Guy’s power is his ability to open all eight gates, the eight chakras in the body which inherit unimaginable powers. However, it is rare to see the eighth gate as it leads to massive destruction and can’t be undone.

He was swiftly able to defeat the fiercest adversaries using only the sixth gate, and he only exercised this power once to vanquish Uchiha Madara, a fearsome antagonist.

11. Itachi Uchiha – Skilled With One-hand Seal

strongest characters in naruto

Itachi Uchiha is not only a mysterious anime character but also one of the single alive strongest characters in Naruto. Itachi slaughtered everyone in the Uchiha clan except his younger brother Sasuke, who made it his life’s aim to destroy Itachi in retaliation for his clan’s death.

Due to his exceptional skills, Itachi has always had the dominant position in the brutal encounters between the two brothers. Sasuke lookout for Orochimaru, an immortal to learn skills and gain the power to defeat Itachi.

When Orochimaru and Itachi finally face off, Orochimaru proclaims that Itachi would be even more deadly than he really is.

10. Minato Namikaze – The 4th Hokage And Yellow Flash

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Titled “The Yellow Flash,” Minato was born as a genius and a shinobi (a coveted character with reconnaissance, espionage, and infiltration skills). He had the breathtaking speed and other qualities that rivals feared even when he was too younger.

Minato was stronger enough to finish a disastrous battle single-handed which makes him the most powerful shinobi. Also, Minato’s use of the Kurama Chakra Style enhanced his previously remarkable strengths.

At this moment, he was far above the ranks of Tobirama Senju and even Hiruzen Sarutobi who are 2nd and 1st Hokage, respectively. He is unquestionably one of the best shinobi in history, standing alongside legendary figures.

9. Hiruzen Sarutobi – The Nature Transformer

strongest characters in naruto

Hailed as “God of shinobi“, a 3rd Hokage, Hiruzen isn’t really a perfect leader, but he is a formidable combatant who anticipates a wide range of abilities. His abilities garnered him the designation of Hokage and stand him among the strongest characters in Naruto.

At an early age, after he outperformed his master in childhood, he was nominated personally by the Second Hokage. Looking at things from afar, forming a fence strong enough even to imprison the Ten-Tail shinobi, and sensing the existence of persons via their chakra are just a few of his notable abilities.

Hiruzen was among the rare people who could accomplish all 5 basic nature transformations at the same time. He could perform Fire Release to unleash a tremendous torrent of flame, or a bombardment of little fire bursts, as seen in the anime.

8. Tobirama Senju – Unmatched Sensing Power

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Tobirama, a second Hokage and renowned member of the Senju clan, is one of the strongest characters in Naruto series. He has developed many Jutsu during his time. He was a fervent believer in the need for laws and regulations to address all of the world’s issues, yet he was also gruff but realistic.

Tobirama was recognized as among the most compelling shinobi in history, with acclaim from even his foes, and his abilities were unrivaled throughout his reign as Hokage. He was skilled in a variety of ninjutsu styles (a technique and tactics used by the assassins in modern warfare, guerrilla war, and reconnaissance).

The unique skill possessed by Tobirama was an adaptive sensing power. He could efficiently detect the existence and positioning of targets in the surrounding region by touching the floor with his fingertip, even detecting people from other nations.

7. Jiraiya – A Legendary Teacher

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Jiraiya was among the strongest characters in Naruto with the broadest, most adaptable, and most powerful skill sets. He was a master in almost every skill and power possessed by any powerful Naruto character.

He was mastered in spiked hair defense, the fire style, Rasengan, sage mode, and various chakra controls. Aside from a diverse range of skills and abilities, Jiraiya has rarely shown symptoms of insecurity throughout the series.

Jiraiya’s Sage Style is among his most powerful abilities. It enables him to do a few of the other Jutsu.

6. Hashirama Senju – The First Hokage

most powerful characters in naruto

How can we suppose to miss the first Hokage while discussing the strongest characters in Naruto? Hashirama another powerful anime character who was mastered all 5 natural transformations.

He has a wealth of knowledge regarding the shinobi realm as the first Hokage and as a very veteran shinobi.

Hashirama possesses a unique Genjutsu-based technique the Bringer of Darkness technique. By doing so, he can create the illusion of darkness around the adversary just by looking into the opponent’s eyes, blinding them and enabling him to assault them without being noticed.

5. Madara Uchiha- A Legendary Shinobi OR Ghost Of Uchiha

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Madara Uchiha, a well-known Uchiha leader, first campaigned for harmony with his opponent Hashirama in order to ensure that children like them would no longer have to battle. Times have changed, though, since Uchiha and Senju were antagonists who were created to slay one other and are obligated to do it.

Madara was a legendary shinobi who was one of history’s most formidable shinobi and among the strongest characters in Naruto. He could combat uninterrupted for twenty-four hours without succumbing due to his immense chakra, Indra, reserves.

4. Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki- The Founder Of Ninja World

Strongest anime character

Hagoromo was a god-like legendary ancestor of shinobi and founder of Ninshu which led to the creation of the ninja world. He was the son of the goddess Kaguya and possessed the same chakra as her divine mother does.

He even exhibits a high level of insight, allowing him to see right through his opponents’ strategies in order to quickly counteract them.

After defeating the Ten-Tails and sealing his mother in the moon with his brother, Hagoromo is universally perceived as among the most powerful individual in Naruto’s history.

He possessed an instinctive and incredibly exquisite mastery of its ability, and he didn’t even need hand signs to use Ninjutsu, every other character in Naruto uses hand signs to use Ninjutsu.

3. Sasuke Uchiha- An Incredible Chakra Commander

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Sasuke was one of the most complex, mysterious, and strongest characters in Naruto, however, powerful enough to be mentioned in 3rd position.

Sasuke possesses a diverse set of abilities that he may employ in close or mid-range battles. Sasuke commands massive chakra reserves as the incarnation of the mythical Indra, and he has never truly conceded a confrontation to his opponent Naruto.

2. Naruto Uzumaki- An Extraordinary Combatant

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A fast learner, crafted with sixth path sage mode, master of chakra, and numerous combat skills are some features that make Naruto amongst the strongest characters in Naruto. While born in the Uzumaki clan/family and protagonist, he himself possessed various power by birth.

Despite immense powers and combat skills, Naruto actually not the strongest character of Naruto (see below the no. 1). Naruto Uzumaki’s mastery of one of the most powerful Jutsu, the Rasengan, has developed even more as a result of his wealth of training and dedication.

Baryon Mode, Naruto’s most powerful weapon to present, was used in his combat with Isshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

He can use Baryon Form to slash the chakra of everyone who comes into direct contact with him. He has the command on all-tailed beast chakra and majorly on Nine-Tailed fox chakra which allows him to be a powerhouse of chakra reserves.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki- First Wielder Of Chakra

strongest characters in naruto

Kaguya definitely the no 1 strongest Naruto character with the ultimate powers. Kaguya is a ruthless monarch who has become corrupted by her position of power and is also known as the first practitioner of chakra.

She directly connected and communicate with the God tree which make her truly powerful as God who was capable of destroying the entire planet.

Kaguya was the originator of all the chakra created on the earth which were possessed by all the shinobi. She harbored interplanetary travel, hypnotherapy, mind-reading powers, memory erasure, and the ability to create force fields and sonic booms, among other skills.

Furthermore, she had the power to use Eighty God Vacuum Attack, which let Kaguya use chakra both defensively and offensively. Though Naruto defeats her in the final battle with the assistance of Sasuke and Chibaku Tensei technique yet he is unable to do it alone.

Closing Words

It is the list of the top 12 strongest characters in Naruto anime series? Your beloved or favorite characters are likely not on the ranking, but these are the most powerful Naruto characters.

However, you can mention (through comments) your favorite Naruto character which should be on the list, and in the first position, I will definitely include them. In my perception, Kaguya deserved to be in the no. 1 position based on skills and abilities.

Even though Naruto managed to vanquish her at the end of the series, he wasn’t ever able to handle her by himself. Kaguya herself originator of different powers which most of the shinobi possessed. I hope you enjoyed this post.