What Anime Has The Most Episodes? 7 Anime With Highest Episodes

What Anime Has The Most Episodes

Have you ever wondered what anime has the most episodes and which is the longest anime series? I can bet you will be shocked by knowing the number of longest anime series.

Japanese anime has many anime series with thousands of episodes in each anime. But when it comes to the maximum number of episodes of an anime series, it really astonishing and beyond your imagination.

The first modern anime series was premiered at the studio in 1960 titled Astro boy and opened the doors for longer series. In this article, I will put light on which anime has the most episodes.

Fans are overwhelmed by the 1000th episode of One Piece, but you might be amazed that OP isn’t near the top position. No, it’s not Naruto or Dragon Ball. Then which anime has the highest episode? Explore more to get the answer.

What Anime Has The Most Episodes?

What Anime Has The Most Episodes

Sazae-san, with 7,881 episodes, is the longest anime series in anime history. Sazae san, aka Mrs. Sazae anime, is known for its simplicity and is highly adorable by fans all over the world. This is the love of fans that took this anime to such a high bundle of episodes.

The first episode of anime Sazae San was premiered in 1969 and, to date, produced 7,881 episodes and still counting. It break the Guinness Book World record back in 2013 for the longest-running TV anime program.

According to the Guinness world record, Sazae-san was the first broadcast on 5 October 1969, and on 6 October 2019, it completed 50 years 1 day. Amazingly, the episodes are still producing and telecasting on Fuji TV.

Sazae-san is a typical family drama anime series in Tokyo where Mrs. Sazae-san lives with her parents, husband, son, brother, and sister. The 30-minute installments that air on Sunday nights are extremely beloved in Japan, and they have grown to exemplify the conclusion of the weekend for so many people.

What Anime Has The Most Episodes? List Of Anime With Most Episodes

After getting what anime has the most episodes, let’s look over the list of anime series with the most episodes. Though there is much anime that has thousand of episodes, we will go through the top 7 anime with the most episodes.

1. Mrs. Sazae: 1969-present | 7800+ episodes

what anime has the most episodes

Mrs. Sazae is the longest-running animated television series in the world and set a Guinness book of a world record in anime history. This family drama has nothing much to convey except a typical family drama where Mrs. Sazae resides with her hubby, children, and parents at her house.

Despite all, the continuity of this television program lead it to the most successful animated television series. Almost all viewers still appreciate it because it gives them a nostalgic view of the Japanese family situation.

2. 3000 Whys of Blue Cat: 1999-present | 3057+ episodes

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When we are digging into what anime has the most episodes, we can’t forget to include 3000 Whys of Blue Cat. However, despite having 2nd position, 3000 Whys of Blue Cat is nowhere near to the Mrs. Sazae if counting the episodes.

3000 Whys of blue cat is the longest-running anime series children-specific. The popularity of this anime can be analyzed by a large number of books, gaming consoles, and movies all over the world.

3. Ninja Boy Rantaro (Nintama Rantarō): 1993-present | 2321+ episodes

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You might watch Naruto several times (it also has a great number of episodes). But before Naruto, there is Ninja boy Rantaro, who captures most of the screens of television and still creates milestones.

The main protagonist Rantaro has to learn all about Ninja warriors from the scratch. The episodes are quite smaller (10 minutes approx.) and catchy to watch.

4. Prince Mackaroo: 1998-present | 1920+ episodes

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This is what science anime lovers grabbed in the era of the 1990s. This sci-fi drama anime series still broadcasting on television with 10-minute episodes.

This is the story of a young noble boy in the era of Heian, 100 years ago, bored with his life. But he got the most adventurous lifestyle a day when he heard about the demons who steals three power sticks of Enma and later lose them.

The young chap Ojarumaru decided to find them and use them to transport himself into various phases of his life.

5. Oyako Club: 1994-2013 | 1818 episodes

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Enjoying what anime has the most episodes? Let’s explore more fascinating ones. Oyako club has the highest number of episodes when it comes to the finished anime series. It premiered from 1994 to 2013 on Fuji Tv.

This humor-packed anime series is the story series of two aliens, Rompa and Lun, who join the human family on earth. Oyako club has very short episodes of 5 minutes only, in which you can enjoy heartwarming interactions between humans and aliens.

6. Doraemon: 1979-2005 | 1787 episodes

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No need to introduce Doraemon as the most popular and longest-running anime series all over the Japanese media. The first episode is telecasted first in 1979, and the final episode dropped in 2005 with a total of 1787 episodes.

The creation was eventually ended after 25 years of operating, although Doraemon’s popularity among fans remains high. Doraemon is a 22nd-century robotic cat who had his ears eaten off by a rat and is now terrified of mice in general.

7. Kirin Monoshiri Kan: 1975-1984 | 1565 episodes

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This child-dedicated anime series originally featured from 1975 to 1984 with 1565 episodes. This is something the longest educational anime series that tries to get along with a mouse while teaching history to children.

However, it’s very hard to find these episodes now that they’ve been lost and are no longer accessible. The two episodes of Kirin Monoshiri Kan are available online but poorly translated into the Japanese language.

Closing Words

So, have you got what anime has the most episodes? Yes, it is Sazae-San that has the highest number of anime episodes and still broadcasting on television. You can watch Mrs. Sazae or Sazae-San anime episodes on Fuji Tv every Sunday.

Though there are many anime series that has thousand of episodes, as we discussed in this article yet, not even a single anime near the Sazae anime series. We hope this simple family drama will entertain us for a few more years.

Which longest anime series is your favorite? don’t forget to let us know through the comment box. We will happy to hear from you.

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