What Does Otaku Mean In Anime?

What Does Otaku Mean In Anime

It is almost impossible to discuss anime without the term ‘Otaku’, but what does otaku mean in anime? From Japanese to American cultures, otaku leads to several meanings that create a lot of confusion among new anime lovers.

Some perceived otaku as long-haired with glasses, and others looked shabby and nerd. However, both are not true. So, what is the real meaning of Otaku? What does otaku mean in anime and Japanese? Let’s explore what is otaku means.

What does otaku mean in anime?

Otaku is a term used to describe someone who is completely infatuated with manga, anime, and other attributes of Japanese mainstream culture, including video games.

What does otaku mean in anime

A younger kid who is extremely knowledgeable about cartoons, video games, anime, etc., and exhibits incredible enthusiasm for them is known as an Otaku. However, being an otaku, a person often finds it very challenging to interact with someone in actual situations.

So, according to this definition, Otaku possesses the subtlety of being less sociable or lacking fundamental understanding in all other domains, in addition to having an intense interest in something.

What is the definition of Otaku in Japanese and English

The meaning of Otaku in Japanese and English is quite the same as “obsession for something,” and it’s not bad when taking it positively. But when we look back on the 1970s & 1980s, the scenario was not the same, and I think this was due to a lack of awareness.

In the past, the young guys used the word Otaku to “insult one another” with the sizzling phrase “You’re Otaku.” This meaning of otaku is that you are deeply obsessive about something negatively.

What does otaku mean in anime

If you are a true lover of manga and anime, you know what it really means to be an Otaku. Some people like to call themselves Otaku; as you may hear many times, “I am proud to be an Otaku.” But this is not the case always.

So, the meaning of an Otaku varies with the perception of one’s mind and how he/she wants to use it. There are a lot of hidden secrets of Otaku; keep reading about what does otaku mean in anime.

Is Otaku an insult in Japan? The real meaning of otaku

In general, an Otaku is someone who is completely involved in anime and related products. Even he/she refused to maintain relationships outside or be social. In one way, it reflects the deep love for something or anime. But Japanese people do not look okay with this.

The real meaning of otaku

So, what does Otaku mean in Japanese? Is Otaku mean insult in Japan? Yes, in Japan, Otaku seems like an offensive word and demonstrates a negative meaning. However, this is not true when it comes to the American culture, where an Otaku is considered a geek or intelligent.

When Japanese people conceive of “Otaku,” they interpret it as being terribly fixated to the extent that it’s disturbing, a real obsession rather than amusing or quirky. They face so much prejudice in Japan that it has started to feel intrusive or at least a little insulting.

What makes a person an Otaku? What does Otaku mean in anime?

We have discussed a lot about what is otaku mean in anime and how it treated differently in Japanese culture.  But how do you identify if a person is an Otaku? What makes a person an Otaku?

From the above discussion and definition of an Otaku, you can find if a person is an Otaku. Still, I am going to outline the main characteristics of an otaku so that you can identify them easily.

  • A guy who is obsessed with watching anime.
  • Who has a deep and consistent interest in manga, anime, and related products.
  • Who prefers to cling to his computer rather than be socially active (Japanese culture).
  • A geek or computing master, who never cares about the outside world, and has deep expertise in something (American culture).
  • Who never thinks of leaving his/her house.
  • A person could be defined as an otaku who is obsessed with ‘anything’ rather than anime only.
  • Who is not social and does not prefer to go outside and make relationships.

How to write Otaku in Japanese?

The two most prevalent ways to write Japanese phrases are katakana and hiragana so you can write Otaku ki in two ways. The term “otaku” is used in a variety of contexts. It can often be represented as オタク、おたく、ヲタク.

The most typical katakana spelling of otaku is オタク. The word was first employed in hiragana as おたく, or before it expanded across the world and gained popularity.
The other variant you’ll come across is “ヲタク“. Although the letter for the o pronunciation is unusual, this is still katakana.

Different explanations exist for why this one gained popularity. It’s possible that some otaku didn’t like how the word was perceived negatively. They spelled it differently from the way, as ヲタク, in an effort to set themselves apart.

What is the difference between Otaku and Weeb? Otaku vs. Weeb

Till now, you comprehend what does otaku mean in anime and Japanese, but there is a lot of confusion between Otaku and Weeb. As we already talked much about the meaning of otaku, let’s know about weeb.

Although they originate from quite diverse locations, the two names have some broad parallels in the West. Ever since, each has changed to be either ridiculed or maybe even treasured as status symbols among friends.

A more derisive phrase, Weeb or weeaboo, is used to describe a non-Japanese individual who idolizes facets of the culture so much that they desire to be Japanese.

This word has gained widespread acceptance among self-described Weebs. The status possessor just might be delighted with their comprehension and admiration of all that Japan would have to contribute.

Final Words

I hope you love the article on what does Otaku mean in anime and Japanese. I tried to discuss all aspects of Otaku, what is meaning of otaku is, and what it means to be an otaku. Mostly (not always), the Japanese interpret the otaku meaning negatively, like insulting, whereas, in English culture, the otaku considers a geek.

We have seen that the meaning of otaku changes over time and along with the boundaries (Japan and America). Still, I have tried to provide you with the best connotation of otaku.

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