What Is The Difference Between Anime And Animation

What Is The Difference Between Anime And Animation?

What is the difference between anime and animation? You might encounter this question many times. Let me have a counter question: Have you watched the Winx Club series? What is this, according to you; An anime or an animation? If you are not able to answer this then you are not alone. This is not the only series that blurs …

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What Does Otaku Mean In Anime

What Does Otaku Mean In Anime?

It is almost impossible to discuss anime without the term ‘Otaku’, but what does otaku mean in anime? From Japanese to American cultures, otaku leads to several meanings that create a lot of confusion among new anime lovers. Some perceived otaku as long-haired with glasses, and others looked shabby and nerd. However, both are not true. So, what is the …

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What Does Senpai Mean In Anime

What Does Senpai Mean In Anime? Brief History And Meanings

Have you ever been desperate to get the attention of anyone older than you? Then you might know what is Senpai or What does senpai mean in anime? If not, then you must read this article till the end, especially if you are an otaku. The term “senpai” is not uncommon to the anime community; however, it is not widely …

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What Is Isekai Anime

What Is Isekai Anime? Explained everything

Over the last few years, there is a new trending anime subgenre has been booming, “Isekai anime.” But what is Isekai anime? What does Isekai mean? In this article, you will get these answers along with the top 5 Isekai anime of all time. Let’s begin! What Is Isekai Anime? Isekai is a fantasy subgenre in which a protagonist is …

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What Is Harem Anime

What Is Harem Anime? Everything you want to know

I just finished watching Tenchi Muyo, an incredible anime! Even though I started watching it by chance, I enjoyed it and chose to explore the same genre more. Unfortunately, after doing plenty of research, I discovered it was a harem. There are countless harem anime that are worth seeing. I, therefore, decided to introduce harem anime to my readers. In …

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What Is Shoujo Anime

What Is Shoujo Anime? An honest review by anime lover

Manga and Anime are known for a large variety of genres. In this article, we will look at what is Shoujo anime? How is Shoujo anime different from Seinen anime? I always recommend readers explore different anime terms and terminologies to understand the Anime fully. Anime is a very vast tv or digital program backed by unnumbered genres and categories. …

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What Does Nani Mean In Anime And Japanese

What Does Nani Mean In Anime And Japanese? Introduction and explanation

What does Nani mean in anime? What is Nani meaning in Japanese? You might hear the word “Nani” in almost every anime episode, even in normal Japanese conversations. Then you might think, what does Nani mean? Whether you’re talking about anime or the Japanese language, Nani will have the exact definition. However, even I would suggest that you must watch …

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What Does Baka Mean In Anime

What Does Baka Mean In Anime? The origin of baka

Whether you are watching anime in English or Japanese, you undoubtedly hear the word “Baka” frequently. But what does Baka mean in anime? Is Baka a good word or bad? What is Baka in anime? These are good questions to go through if you don’t know the meaning of Baka. It is absolutely true that anime took the Japanese culture …

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What Does Nya Mean In Anime

What Does Nya Mean In Anime? Brief History And Meanings

Are you struggling to find out what does nya mean in anime? What is nya in anime? The word nya may not appear to be particularly meaningful, yet it has a lot of relevance in anime, albeit as slang rather than an appropriate vocabulary. Indeed, Japanese anime is packed with strange words, especially if you are not familiar with the …

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What Is Dubbed Anime And Subbed Anime

What Is Dubbed Anime And Subbed Anime? Know The Difference

Dubbed and subbed are two ways to watch anime, but what is dubbed anime and subbed anime? Should I watch anime in dubbed version or subbed version? What is the difference? Which is better, dubbed or subbed anime? These questions are most debatable since the first anime was dubbed in the American language in 1964; Tetsujin 28-go. The fans who …

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What Is Manhwa? How It Is Different From Manga

What Is Manhwa? How It Is Different From Manga?

In the animation universe, manga and manhwa are two popular styles. However, fewer know what is Manhwa? How is manhwa different from the manga? On either side, there are many manga fans who are interested in learning more about manhwa. In a nutshell, whether it is manga, manhwa, or manhua, all are referred to the same concept and artwork; comics. …

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