Top 10 Anime Betrayals That Will Shock You

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Looking for top 10 anime betrayals? Yeh, stop here. Betrayals are everywhere whether it is a movie or TV series, so anime is not an exception. Though betrayals are painful yet in reality, we can’t enjoy a show without betrayals.

They play a significant role in the overall development of the main protagonist and the success of the series (or movies). In this article, I am going to discuss the top 10 anime betrayals which will definitely amaze you and you might not believe. Let’s explore the biggest anime betrayals of all time.

10. Sailor Neptune and Uranus Join Sailor Galaxia – (Sailor Moon)

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Sailor Neptune and Uranus, the popular duo, are friends, and partners, and more than that are lovers. A fictitious protagonist character in the Sailor Moon media series is Sailor Uranus and Neptune.

During the concluding war, Uranus and Neptune both join the side of the main villain of anime, sailor Galaxia. Being among the main protagonists, no one thought this biggest flip of the whole series. They killed sailors Saturn and Pluto which was unexpected.

That’s all? No, they flipped for a reason with strategy. It is another matter, though, that their actions backfired.

Uranus and Neptune join Galaxia when she was very close to succeeding in her plan. The entire plan, it emerges out, was really an effort to approach Galaxia so they could kill her personally, but it flopped brutally when they realized that their Star Seed was not inside of their body.

The issue was that Uranus and Neptune kept their comrades in the dark about their strategy, and the betrayal still hurt once it was uncovered.

9. Haruki Cheats On Setsuna – (White Album 2)

Top 10 Anime Betrayals Of All Time

The betrayal of Haruki is considered among the top 10 anime betrayals of all time. Haruki and Setsuna Ogiso first met when Haruki and his good friend Takeya looking for a member to perform for the school festival.

Setsuna Ogiso, a stunning woman well-known for competing in the school’s beauty competitions, is the member they are looking for, and by chance and circumstance, Haruki gets to find her.

Haruki also learns that she has a fantastic singing voice. The other member was Kazusa Touma, a pianist who was also an introvert. Kazusa is possibly the most beautiful girl in school and yes, Haruki cheats on Setsuna for Kazusa in the ending episode.

Result of Haruki’s persistence in being kind to her despite her best efforts to push him away, Kazusa develops feelings for him. Viewers, who felt the love of Haruki and Satsuna, got a power shock after this unthinkable betrayal.

8. Itachi Killed His Own Clans – (Naruto)

top anime betrayals

While discussing the top 10 anime betrayals of all time, we can’t spare Uchihas’ massacre concluded by Itachi. After this act, Itachi might become the most hated anime character of all time.

Itachi was a formidable ninja from birth and was widely regarded as the greatest of his age since he was the youngest child of the clan chief of the Uchiha family. Itachi completed his studies at the Shinobi Academy early, and at the age of 11, he was named captain of the Anbu.

However, the massacre was attempted by Itachi by betraying his own clans but these events were planned by village advisor Danzo. Actually, the Uchihas prepared to war against Danzo as he want to restrict Uchiha clans into the village.

Danzo manipulated Itachi into believing that the coup could not be stopped without bloodshed. Danzo tricked Itachi into thinking that there would have to be violence to put an end to the insurrection because he was afraid of the people’s fierce resistance.

In order to get Itachi to slaughter the Uchiha clan, he ultimately preyed on Itachi’s trauma and gullibility.

7. Aizen Betray Soul Society – (Bleach)

the top 10 anime betrayals

The deception of Aizen, with Soul Society, is among the unforgettable top 10 anime betrayals. Aizen’s main objective was to confiscate the Soul King’s authority for himself, however, it won’t lessen his magnitude of betrayal.

No one anticipated Aizen, a renowned captain who wore spectacles, to take such a drastic shift in his personality. Though he was the main antagonist of the series yet everyone failed to recognize at initially due to his kind of gentle behavior.

Aizen betrayed Soul Society and killed the king. It’s actually very easy to understand why. The soul king, in Aizen’s opinion, is not doing enough to benefit both soul civilization and the inhabitants of Planet.

6. Canute Behead Askeladd – (Vinland Saga)

best anime betrayals

Sweyn’s son, Canute, is the monarch. He was merely a good-hearted individual at the beginning of the series, incapable of doing any violence.

However, Canute’s character dramatically transformed by the conclusion of the first season, and started acting more charmingly. Askeladd, on the other side, led a troop of Vikings. He is seen as diplomatic and wise.

As a precursor to fighting in Ireland, King Sweyn covertly offers Askeladd the option of either saving Wales or Canute. Askeladd fakes insanity, claims to be Artorius reincarnated, and then murders the king so as not to sacrifice both in the process.

He is killed by Canute after being stabbed by the prince, who sensed the deception the minute his father passed away.

5. Anthy Stabbed Utena – (Utena Tenjou)

top 10 anime betrayals

Another among the unexpected top 10 anime betrayals that amazed viewers too. Considering how much trauma Anthy has experienced, her genuine feelings are frequently dark and even vindictive. Anthy has little faith in humanity for this obvious reason.

As a result, she is unwilling to share her sentiments with others until Utena tries to break down the boundary.

Due to Anthy’s bewilderment, which stems from not knowing what to do or even who she wished to succeed, the entire dueling arena begins to disintegrate.

Akio shoves her next to Utena because he expects Anthy to intervene since he is also shocked that Utena is winning. She stabs Utena in the back because of a dread of transition and a terror of the outer world.

4. Annie Betray Titans – (Attack on Titan)

biggest anime betrayals

Annie frequently isolates herself rather than interacting socially with her compatriots Marley soldiers because her father raised her to serve the armed forces from an early stage in life.

Owing to being neglected in infancy and treated as a tool by all that she has ever met, Annie is really self-centered. She is so outrageously detached from most of mankind that she has no desire to defend outsiders.

She may be vicious, insensitive, and deeply offensive, but she has a caring attitude for her allies. But the biggest revelation for AOT followers may have been the Titans’ betrayal.

3. Kaworu Betrays Shinji – (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

top 10 anime betrayals

The latest Eva squad partner Kaworu Nagisa and the protagonist Shinji Ikari clicked right away. They become close buddies, and when playing piano and having a shower together, they even appear to be temporarily deeply in love.

Unfortunately, Shinji sensed that his own father, Gendo, had betrayed him. Shinji sought someone, anybody, to intervene and save him from giving in to the evil.

However, Kaworu immediately betrays Shinji by revealing that he is an angel, the enormous scary beast that is determined to wipe out all of mankind in order to take over the planet.

2. Villetta Shoots Her Husband – (Code Geass)

best anime betrayals all time

Ohgi, who worked on Lulu’s squad and was generally a kind person, surely deserves a positive ending. Villetta, an imperial British soldier who was stunning and lethal, captured his heart.

Initially, Villetta battled against her affection for Ohgi because she thought it was tainted. To get rid of these emotions, she tried to assassinate him.

Villetta had amnesia by chance and fell madly in love with the Ohgi. Regrettably, their relationship ended when Villetta recovered her memories and killed her rebellious Code Geass boyfriend.

1. Kyubey and His True Intentions – (The Puella Magi)

high-rated top 10 anime betrayals

The most adorable and endearing character in anime to date is certainly Kyubey. You might want to sleep with him cuddled close.

However, the nasty and vicious entity that enjoys hurting young girls lies behind all of this and makes this anime high-rated among the top 10 anime betrayals.

Kyubey is a Magical Incubator or Missionary. He is unable to show any form of feeling as a matter of fact.

As a result, Kyubey frequently has the characteristics that make him look evil in the series: he is cold, haughty, cunning, and manipulative. Despite being more of unavoidable wickedness, Kyubey’s treachery is nevertheless wrong.

Closing words

So, this is the list of my top 10 anime betrayals of all time. Betrayals are part of every tv and web show including anime. They influence the nature of the entire series by introducing twists and turning moments.

And certainly, betrayals are absolutely essential; otherwise, who likes to watch one-direction programmes?

What do you think about which betrayal scene is unexpected for you? Share your opinions with us through the comment box.

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