Top 10 Saddest Anime Series That Will Make You Cry

Top 10 Saddest Anime Series

Anime fans are everywhere due to the wide range of genres and mind-blowing stories in Anime. There is no shortage of content from comedy to horror and love to fantasy.

No doubt the anime industry is growing exponentially daily, and some series are unforgettable due to their epic stories, especially the saddest anime series.

In this way, today, we will share with you the top 10 saddest anime series that will make you cry and emotional. You can watch these anime series when you feel low and alone and want to analyze how people behave in these situations.

Although most popular anime series fall mainly under the action and suspense genres yet, sad anime series are not behind. You may question why I should watch sad anime series rather than action and comedy because the sad anime and movies make us stronger than usual to combat our low times.

Last but not least, the best saddest anime always have a solid and courageous story. So, let’s explore the best saddest anime series, 2022, which makes you emotional. Also read, What are fillers in Anime, and why should you watch them?

Here are the top 10 saddest anime series that will make you cry and emotional:

10. Chrono Crusade

Saddest Anime Series that will make you Cry

Anime NameChrono Crusade
StudioFuji Tv animation
IMDb Rating7.1/10 (Rated by 1.6k users)

If you have recently watched the saddest anime series like Grave of the fireflies and Tokyo magnitude 8.0, then you will like this. Though the story is not a roller coaster and has lots of twists like others yet, it is recommended due to its simplicity. It technically combines everything perfectly, including excellent animation, music, and graphics.

Chrono Crusade, a drama about Rosette Christopher and her demonic partner Chrono, is centered in 1920s New York. They traverse the nation as Magdalene Order members remove demonic dangers to civilization while Rosette looks for her missing brother, Joshua.


The tribulations of New York City after World War I are the main focus of Chrono Crusade. The Mob runs the streets, saxophone is supreme, and demons are in charge of a mockery. Here comes Sister Rosette Christopher of the Order of Magdaline, a prestigious organization on a mission to vanquish evil. In this prosperous, opulent, and decadent period after the First World War, the gap between the affluent and the poor only widens more.

Throughout the course of the narrative, it becomes clear that Rosette and Chrono are both motivated by a sinister history. They were centred around a mission to find Rosette’s abducted brother Joshua, who is revealed to have been kidnapped by the the monster known as the Sinner, Aion. Nothing lower than upsetting the delicate equilibrium between Heaven, Earth, and Hell is what he aspires to.

9. Angel Beats

saddest anime series all time

Anime NameAngle beats
GenreDrama, comedy, afterlife
StudioP.A. Works
IMDb Rating7.6/10 (Rated by 14k users)

Episode       13


Love afterlife anime series and movies? Don’t even think of missing it. This brief anime series of 13 episodes was initially intended to be a 26-episode series, but producers ordered it to be cut to 13.

In the afterlife tale Angel Beats!, a troubled young woman named Yurippe forms a rebellious band to take on an army of individuals led by Angel, who is aiming to erase everyone from existence eternally. Angel Beats! is actually rather humorous—up until it isn’t, at which time viewers lose the ability to chuckle.

This saddest anime series plot centers on a group of disobedient teenagers who engage in gunfights in an afterlife high school against the superhuman abilities of one aloof girl.


The setting of the narrative is a high school in the afterlife, a state of limbo for mortals. These individuals, or pupils, deal with a variety of challenges throughout life. According to Catholic doctrine, persons who end up dying in sinfulness without being sent to the Hell of the Damned experience Limbo as their eternal state.

A teenager with amnesia who dies in the hereafter is named Yuzuru Otonashi. Yuri Nakamura, a girl he encounters, encourages him to attend the Afterlife Battlefront, a group she formed and is in charge of that rebels against an unnamed God for its members’ terrible life conditions. The student council chairman, Angel, who is said to be an agent of God and possesses supernatural abilities, is their adversary.

In order to keep the afterlife from turning into a wonderland, Yuri eliminates the origin of the shadows, which have been produced by machines set to turn on when they sensed love there. Otonashi, Kanade, Hinata, and Naoi are the only SSS comrades still alive at this point, and her devotion for them helps her to transcend her sorrow.

8. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Best sad anime movie

Anime NameI Want To Eat Your Pancreas
GenreDrama, Family, Romance
StudioABC Animation, Aniplex
IMDb Rating8.1/10 (Rated by 14k users)
Episode duration25 minutes

I want to eat your pancreas is a story of Sakura Yamuchi and Haruki Shiga, who are classmates. Haruki, a high school student, discovers that Sakura Yamauchi is suffering from a terminal illness.

This secret brings the two together as she lives out her final moments. This is not the best saddest anime series but the saddest anime movie with a powerful plot. Knowing the illness of Sakura, he sympathized with her, and soon they became good friends.

In between, Sakura was hospitalized and eventually died and left a message for Haruki to make read her diary for her best friend, Kyoko. After reading the diary, Kyoko resents her actions and soon turns into a good friend with Haruki.


Sakura, a school student, suffered from fatal pancreatic illness, however, trying to maintain a normal life with her friend Haruki. On a school break, both were goes to train trip to fukuoka where they play truth and dare, and later share bed together. While enjoying trip, Sakura get hospitalized due to sudden attack of pancreatic. After discharging and stablization, she invite him for lunch, however, Haruki didn’t attend due to emergency meeting.

At the same night, Haruki get news that she is dead and left a diary for him and a letter which mentioned to let read her friend Kyoko to this diary. Kyoko then knows she was ill and Haruki knew about her illness, and she then ask forgiveness from Haruki, and both of them ultimately become good friends. Overall, the friendship plot make it saddest anime series all time.

7. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

top saddest anime series

Anime NameTokyo Magnitude 8.0
GenreSad, Drama, Sentimental 
IMDb Rating7.9/10 (Rated by 1.6k users)
Episode duration23 minutes each

Tokyo magnitude 8.0, set in an apocalyptic scene, full of emotional and sad scenes that make you cry. This is why Tokyo magnitude is on the list of best saddest anime series of 2022 and tells a painful, tragic story. TM 8.0 based on predictions that there will be an earthquake rating of 7.0 and above and the possibility of 70%.

If this prediction is reflected in reality, then what will happen? This anime series answer this question with a beautiful story worth watching.


Mirai and Yuki are the two siblings who were visit on a robot exhibition while eye-witnessed a high intensity earthquake at the range of 25Kms. Odaiba, where both the siblings were came for enjoying vacations, completely frighten by sawing dead bodies. Earthquake 8.0 shows a sobbing and incredible struggle story of reaching these two to the home.

Both are younger enough and the delicacy around them is horrible including building crashing, fire, explosions, etc. The siblings are not able to fight their own and to reach home safely, so this bridge is filled by the another lead heroine Mari, a female curior. With the help of Mari, Yuki and Mirai finally reach to their home but every scene of series worth to watching.

6. Wolf Children

saddest anime movies

Anime NameWolf Children
GenreFantasy, Drama, 
StudioNippon Television Network (NTV), Madhouse
IMDb Rating8.1/10 (Rated by 43k users)
Episode duration1 hour 57 minutes

If you look for the saddest anime series but with a fantasy twist, then Wolf Children is at the top of the best saddest anime series. As the name suggests, Wolf Children is an anime based on the story of a wolf but is complete consternation.

It tells the story of a beautiful college girl who had a lover who could turn into a werewolf but dies in an accident while searching for food for his children.

Girl endeavors to grow up the children in odd situations while hiding them from society. This anime movie is worth the watch, especially how the Wolf Children’s emotion is portrayed, loved by critics, and applauded.


Hana is young college girl of a university and work as a dry cleaner as part-time to meet her expenses. She met to a tall boy near her university and fascinated towards him, however, boy was not a student of the college itself. They start chatting, calling, and finally dating. In the way, the young man reveals the he can transform to a warewolf which intimidate hana, although things goes well.

Later on, Hana gives birth to two babies: Yuki (girl) and Ame (son) and their family is happy and complete. Days after, father goes missing while searching for food, and found dead near a river bank. Now onwards, Hana had to manage alone all the responsibilities and grow her children. What becomes problematic is Yuki’s carelesness who can’t able to control the transformation of werewolf. It was tough for mother to hide the transforamtion and move to the countryside.

Later, Yuki admitted to a school, however, she didn’t stop her weird behavior and one of her classmate, Sohei, acknowledged about Yuki which make yuki anger and she cut in his ear. Story goes on this plot with intreseting suspenses and how her family struggles and battled with the society.

5. Grave of the Fireflies

Top 50 Saddest Anime Series that will make you Cry and Emotional

Anime Name

Grave of the Fireflies

GenreWar, Sad, Drama
StudioA-1 Pictures
IMDb Rating8.5/10 (Rated by 262k users)
Run time1 hour 29 minutes

If you are looking for the saddest anime series, then you can’t afford to miss Grave of the Fireflies, which is filmed during World War II. The series tells the story of a young boy and his little sister struggling to survive in Japan during World War II.

Grave the Fireflies is packed with heart-touching scenes that shed tears in your eyes by seeing the survival (however, both die later) story of two siblings when their house was destroyed during bombarding.


The series started with the glimpse of World War Two and its consequences. Seita and his young sister Setsuko also highly affected by the bombardments and they lost their house while mother died by illness. When no ways left, Seita decided to stay with her distant relative (aunt) along with her sister. However, the aunt becomes greedy over time and ask for expensive items in return of food and shelter even they give her mother’s silk kimono (a Japanese dress).

Due to excessive insults and when things were going beyond limits, they left the aunt house stay an open area. Soon they run out of food items and Seita loots the villagers when there were bombardments but caught and beaten by police. Later on, police leave him by knowing his hunger situation. After few days, Setsuko also dies due the malnutrition and Seita wandered here and there and later dies in very pathetic situation.

4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

best saddest anime series

Anime NameAnohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
GenreAdventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Drama
StudioA-1 Pictures
IMDb Rating8.2/10 (Rated by 12k users)
Episode duration23 minutes each

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a fantastic friendship story of 6 childhood friends who was almost broke when one of their friends died. For fantasy lovers, Anohana is unarguably the best anime series to watch, full of emotion and eye-watching scenes.

These saddest anime series, a product of A1 pictures, start with a slower pace with a glimpse of the friends and their childhood parts. But 3rd episode and onwards, the story takes a straight twist, and you can’t tip your eyes till the end. It may not make you cry, but every scene is full of emotions, especially towards the friendship.


Anohana is a sad fantasy anime series of six childhood friends who were unwillingly fall apart after death of one of their friend, Menma. Story takes up to the teenager period when everyone was busy on their own life aims but Jintan, the leader of 5 friends, was still aimless. The adventurous ride of story starts when Jintan stated the he saw Menma’s spirit but Jintan was unable to knew what she want.

When Menma told them her last wish then Jintan & group decided to fulfill her wish and all of 5 friends were reunited again after 5 long years. The story plotted upon a beautiful but emotional story of these 5 friends (and one dead) that how they find this difficult way to help Menma without her. If you like friendhsip story which has emotion, suspense, thrill, love, and adventure then Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is best anime series to watch.

3. Your Lie in April

Top saddest anime series

Anime NameYour Lie in April
AiredOct 2014- Mar 2019
GenreMusic, Drama, Sad
StudioA-1 Pictures
IMDb Rating8.5/10 (Rated by 25k users)
Movie duration23 minutes each

If you like the story of getting over school with a serious plot and unexpected suspense, then Your lie in April is the best and saddest anime series for you. It is the story of how a popular child musician lost her ability after suffering a traumatic event.

The story tells how to overcome the saddest moments of life even after losing everything. Indeed, this series has many emotional scenes where you can’t stop yourself from crying. But, overall, it is a complete masterpiece of sadness, love, emotion, happiness, comedy, and suspense.


Arima Kousei, a boy, is a popular pianist /musician who dominated all competitions in his childhood. After sudden death of his mother who was also her instructor, he nearly broked and stay away from music for almost 2 years. But there was someone who has broke down Arima’s sadness & back him to the music world, Miyazono Kaori, a beautiful and pretty girl.

Kaori not only his music but also improve and improvise Arima’s piano skills. She taught her that music is not a structured thing but a free bird, limitless. They both are getting closer with time and enjoying music together. Kaori was the biggest motivation and inspiration for Arima who sing & play every music for Kaori and start loving her but never able to say.

2. A Silent Voice

top saddest anime series

Anime NameA Silent Voice
GenreDrama, Romance, Sentimental
StudioKyoto animation
IMDb Rating8.2/10 (Rated by 71k users)
EpisodesA Movie
Movie duration2 hours 10 minutes

A Silent Voice is a perfect saddest anime series with a strong message by Reiko Yoshida, the writer of the movie. It is based on manga series and the story of a bully who turned social outcast.

The story had a strong impact on the viewers, revolved around a payback or redemption, and was full of a roller-coaster.

There are various reasons to watch this sad anime movie; the first one is the plot which tells a fantastic story of redemption, second is the way the movie is organized so that you can’t afford to miss even a second. So if you like a sad but thrilling anime, don’t miss this one.


The story is revolved around the Shoya and Shoko Nishimiya when they both were in 6th grade (later joined earlier’s school). Actually, the story starts with future years, and Shoya flashbacks the story of how he bullied the deaf girl of his class Shoko.

Shoko get transferred to another school after the bullying accident but left her a notebook there which was ultimately handed to Shoya. After reading that notebook, he regretted and find Shoko to return her notebook and to ask for forgiveness. However, she didn’t forgive him and shoya back to his own place where he accidentally fell the book into the river. He dive on the water to get the book and at this moment, one of the friends of Shoko take the pic and post on social media, and this incident finally became the reason for the rustication of Shoya.

Later on in his own higher grade education, Shoya himself get bullied by his classmates, and then he acknowledged how it feels. Then the redemption of the story starts and Shoya tried to connect with Shoko with all of his willpower.

1. Clannad: After Story

Saddest anime series

Anime NameClannad: After Story
GenreComedy, Drama
StudioKyoto animation
IMDb Rating8.6/10 (Rated by 10k users)
Episode duration24 minutes each

Some may not agree, but Clannad: After Story is top on the list of saddest anime series of all time with a strong story and a lot of drama. This is among the best saddest anime due to the whole drama of meet-up, break-up, and patch-up.

In many moments, it makes you cry and emotional when the story runs on an emotional plot. In many instances, Tomoya, the lead hero of the series, has to stay away from the most lovable person of his life, Nagisa. Overall, if you love sad stories especially, this is the first one to watch.


The story starts with a glimpse of the first season Clannad where Tomoya Okazaki finished his education in high school. “After story,” tells the story of years after when Tomoya get settled with her lover Nagisa and now she also gets pregnant.

Due to pregnancy, Nagisa stayed ill & weak and the couples also faced financial issues. To support his family, Tomoya decided to leave the family and away from his most loved person “Nagisa”. This moment and beyond these moments are most emotional and sometimes make you cry. As the birth delivery came nearer, Tomoya quit his job to stay with Nagisa and with the upcoming baby. Now, the couple had a beautiful baby girl, Ushio but unfortunately Nagisa dead, and Tomoya again back to the work.

However, he doesn’t focus on his work for a long time. Also, his daughter has no good relationship with him due to the long distances between them. In this way, the story is gone on the beautiful but emotional plot, and how Tomoya’s family survived due to various hurdles in life.

I hope you like our saddest anime recommendations; let me know what you think or your favorites in the comments section.

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