What Is Josei Anime? 5 best Josei Anime

What Is Josei Anime

Understanding the anime demands more than just grasping the definition; therefore, I will go over What Is Josei Anime in depth and why these terminologies are widely used in the anime industry. This article will explain what Josei means in anime and what kind of anime Josei is.

I recently covered many anime terminologies, such as Shonen and Seinen, which are demographically oriented anime terms. Because of the very positive response from our readers, I’ve decided to continue this series to make anime terminology more familiar to everyone. So, let’s begin with what is Josei anime?

What Is Josei Anime? What Does Josei Mean In Anime?

What Is Josei Anime

Josei anime is marketed for Young and “adult women” audiences with content specific to girls only. Josei is the female counterpart of male anime Seinen, but it doesn’t mean that these terms are categorized based on gender. The various categories are formed with minor subcategories to commercialize to wider audiences.

Josei referred to women’s comics and ladies’ comics in the manga. In Japanese comics, it is called “redikomi,” which is pronounced as lady-comi. While the phrase is not widely used among mainstream Japanese viewers, it is the term most ordinarily used by Western viewers to designate this type of manga.

Josei focuses more on the sexual depiction and adult-zoned content, which was earlier missed on Shojo, the young female anime (Shonen counterpart). Erotic, explicit series just became another name of josei anime in the late 1980s, and it was widely consumed by male audiences but the female audiences as well.

What Is Josei Anime

Despite gaining good attraction, Josei is not much popular as their counterparts, Shonen and Seinen, do. For example, (You) being the popular and top-selling josei manga series in 2010, sold over 1,62,917 copies as reported, which is far less than the average selling of counterparts, which was 0.7+millions.

This genre is geared toward adult females and frequently includes romanticism, nostalgia, personal growth, and minimal fighting. In comparison to other genres, there are comparatively few fillers. Read here if you don’t know what are fillers in anime and how they are an essential segment of anime.

Popular Josei Anime Of All Time

After knowing all about what is Josei anime, let’s explore the top 5 josei anime of all time.

1. Chihayafuru

what is Josei anime

It is the story of Chihaya Ayase, an aspiring karuta player who spends most of her life supporting her dreams. However, after meeting with her new friend, Arata Wataya, she makes the mind to be the best Karuta player in the world, which was also supported by her childhood friend Taichi Mashima.

2. Fruit Basket

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Fruit basket is the most loved and highly rated Josei anime whose mother is died in a car accident. Being the weird circumstances, she decided to live in the tent instead of her grandfather. Following an avalanche that smashes her shelter, she discovers a neighboring home occupied by her beloved classmates Yuki, Sohma, and his cousin Shigure.

Tohru discovers that their families are doomed and are abducted by Chinese zodiac ghosts. As a result, they transform into their zodiac creature when they feel helpless, stressed, ashamed, or held by someone of the opposite gender.

3. Hakuouki

top josei anime

Chizuru Yukimura travels to Kyoto in quest of her father, to be ambushed by crazed men called Shinsengumi.

After knowing that Chizuru is a girl and daughter of a doctor who invented the water of life, Shinsengumi decided to take her help for his project.

The Water of Life is a blood-lusting elixir that transforms individuals who consume it into indestructible warriors known as Furies.

4. Honey And Clover

what is Josei anime

Honey and Clover are considered the best romance Josei anime with an excellent story. This is the story of three you men, Yuta, Takumi, Shinobu, who live in the same apartment and are students at an art college in Tokyo.

Yuta and Shinobu are both in love with Hagu, the daughter of an art professor, but Yuta suppresses his sentiments and attempts to be a companion to Hagu, whereas Shinobu confesses his emotions. The tale revolves around who’s proposal will be honored and who will become Hagu’s soulmate.

5. No.6

josei anime guide

No.6 is something which is called best love anime, and that resolved all of the queries regarding what is josei anime. It has everything that a Josei anime should have; love, emotion, sensuality, loyalty, fear, etc.

Considering the episode’s dispassionate portrayal, audiences are profoundly immersed in the story of two teenagers, Nezumi and Shion, who build a connection in an allegedly utopian society.

Should I Watch Josei Anime

It is very common to have this question, particularly when you got an answer to what is josei anime. However, the answer is not common (or might you not have expected).

First thing first, watching or not an anime series, completely depends on one’s choice and one’s conscience. First and foremost, whether or not to watch an anime series is entirely a matter of personal choice and conscience.

I discovered that many young/teenagers were undecided about whether or not to watch josei anime. Second, young males/boys believe that josei anime is just for girls because the story and presentation are mostly for females. However, I would like to point out that I encourage watching josei anime because there are very limited editions of the Josei anime series.

Please, don’t be shy or hesitate that it’s not for you. Third, I also found (I just visited Quora) that some young boys claim that they fall in love with cute and beautiful anime characters. Come on! these are not the reasons for not watching Josei anime.

Closing Words

I hope now you understand what is Josei anime and how it differs from the anime categories. Remember, Josei is not a category or genre but an audience differentiator which targets adult females, more specifically the age group of 24-40. In essence, Josei is a more sophisticated or evolved form of Shojo animation that focuses on females aged 12 to 24.

Surprisingly, Josei is not a popular genre among Western audiences. As a result, it does have a relatively small audience in comparison to its rivals, and as a result, the majority of them are left undeciphered and exclusively in Japanese. Let’s share with me what is your favorite josei anime and why it should be watched.

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