What Does Senpai Mean In Anime? Brief History And Meanings

What Does Senpai Mean In Anime

Have you ever been desperate to get the attention of anyone older than you? Then you might know what is Senpai or What does senpai mean in anime? If not, then you must read this article till the end, especially if you are an otaku.

The term “senpai” is not uncommon to the anime community; however, it is not widely used. However, it has great uses in the real world if you know the true meaning of senpai in anime. Let’s begin with what does senpai mean in anime?

What Does Senpai Mean in Anime? Senpai Meaning in Japanese

Word- Senpai/ Sempai

In Japanese- 先輩

Origin- Japan

Meaning- Senior, Upperclassman, Someone older

Used for- When you want your older colleague, mentor, senior, etc, to give you attention, An eagerness to get noticed by your senior

Popular for- Anime

Example- I wish, Senpai will notice me!

Senpai is a Japanese word that means a senior or any person who is a few years older than you, and you want attention from him/her. Senpai may be a person you respect and strive to be companions with, or you may possess romantic affection for (though not necessarily).

So, What is Senpai? The Senpai could be anywhere, including company, school, club, association, organization, office, etc.

what does senpai mean in anime

Consider the following scenario: You are a working person in an organization, and you came in contact with a senior but affectionate person. You are very desperate for this person to notice you.

This person you looked for to notice you is a senpai. Remember, Senpai could be a few years older but not much (otherwise, he would be Sensai). Senpai meaning in anime is exactly the same as in the real world.

Meaning of senpai in anime – Why senpai get popular

The meaning of senpai in anime and senpai meaning in anime is exactly the same as discussed above. Senpai is a Japanese honorific term that gets popular after 2012 when the “I wish senpai would notice me” meme get viral. But thanks to Tumblr, which takes over it and make it a common word.

what does senpai mean in anime?

The actual presence of Senpai appears when Tumblr users make a reaction to the phrase Has Senpai Noticed Me Yet, blog. Similarly, a dedicated Facebook fan page was created in the same year, 2012, named I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me. This fan page has currently 2.1k followers (Obviously, it is quite low due to awareness).

Is the Japanese word “Senpai” for males only?

So, do you understand What does senpai mean in anime? Now, you may think senpai is used for males only. No. No matter what gender the person is, you can use the term “senpai” to refer to them if they are older than you or in a higher position.

Senpai is a phrase that refers to an “upperclassman,” or essentially someone who is older and/or more knowledgeable in a profession than you are. Remember, the meaning of senpai in Japanese, and the meaning of senpai in English won’t allow gender specification, which means the word senpai is genderless.

Can senpai mean crush in anime? What does senpai mean in anime?

Meaning of senpai in anime

Not necessarily, but the meaning of anime is intended to have a crush on someone or romantically like someone. Though usually referring, the Japanese word “Senpai” does not mean “crush,” it might signify a genuine affection for someone.

As we know, senpai means seeking the attention of someone who is older than you, either professionally or personally. So, this could be due to the respect or the higher authority or status he/she holds. So, the meaning of senpai can be or can not be “crush”.

What is senpai? Can I call a girl senpai?

No, as discussed above, Senpai is gender neutral. In Japan, the Senpai term is used for both males and females, regardless of gender. You can’t use he/she, Mr., Mrs, his/her, etc. for a senpai. Senpai is just a senpai who is older than you, senior to you, whether a girl or boy. So, no, you can’t call a girl senpai.

What is the opposite of Senpai?

So, you get the idea of what does senpai mean in anime, but what is the opposite of senpai in anime? You know senpai means in anime is someone older than you or senior, but What do you call a person in anime who is younger than you?

The opposite of senpai is called kōhai, who is younger in this relationship. When you like someone affirmatively and seek the attention of someone older than you, then you become Kohai. The kohai addresses the senpai with honorific words and shows respect for his seniority and expertise.

One important point to remember is that in order to meet the requirements of senpai and kohai, both must work in the same organization.

What does Notice me senpai meaning?

After getting what does senpai mean in anime and what is senpai, let’s move a step further and understand notice me senpai meaning. It’s an expression from anime and manga, “I hope senpai will notice me.” In reality, those who use it usually imply that they desire to be noticed by someone they strongly admire.

On social networks, when a follower mentions a personality they adore, the urgent expression notices me senpai is frequently applied. Similar to this, a person may possess love feelings for an upperclassman at their campus, but rather than brag about it, they simply hope that the senpai will show interest in them.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you should know about what does senpai mean in anime, what senpai means in Japanese, and the meaning of senpai in anime. In a nutshell, senpai means you admire someone older than you, and you hope he/she will notice you without actually telling. I hope you like this article, don’t forget to share your views on Senpai in the comment section.


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