What Is Shonen Anime? Which Term Is Correct Shonen Or Shounen?

What Is Shonen Anime

Anime and Manga series is limitless, with many genres and sub-genres. But do you know what is Shonen anime? Probably not. Actually, new anime lovers are confused with unknown terms coined related to anime series. Shonen anime has its legacies and substantial fanbase, which are on the way to replacing classic manga series.

In the previous article, we discussed what is OVA anime, and how it is different from regular anime. Today we discuss what is Shonen anime and what it means for anime. The manga and anime series are categorized based on age group, style, gender, sensitive topics, etc.

What Is Shonen Anime?

What Is Shonen Anime

Before exploring Shonen anime, let understand what Shonen means. The most notable point is that Shonen is not a genre or style but a demographic. Shonen was extensively used for Japanese comics for marketed and aimed at a young teen male readership and focused on the specific age group.

Shonen anime is the most popular and bestselling anime series for young audiences. It covers various genres, including martial arts, robots, science fiction, fantasy, sports, horror, or mythological creatures. Shonen manga is known for its high-octane actions and often humorous stories involving male protagonists.

Remember, Shonen anime is only for young boys, not for the opposite gender, girls. The term Shojo anime is popularly outspoken and targets young teen females.

Popular Shonen Anime Series

Hope you got an idea of what is Shonen anime; let’s explore the best-selling Shonen anime and manga that started popularizing before World War II. Still, at that time, it was not targeting the Young age group like Shonen Sekai. Some of the best Shonen anime series or magazines are as follows:

Shonen Magazines

  • Weekly Shōnen Jump.
  • Jump Square.
  • Weekly Shōnen Champion.
  • Weekly Shōnen Magazine.
  • Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.
  • Monthly Shōnen Magazine.
  • Weekly Shōnen Sunday.

Shonen Anime Series

  • Death Note.
  • Naruto.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  • Hunter x Hunter.
  • OnePiece.
  • Dr. Stone.

Modern Shonen Manga

What Is Shonen Anime

The era of modern Shonen anime and manga started in 1983 with the masterpiece of Shonen manga Fist of the North Star. Just after that, another action-packed anime series was released in (1986-1995) named Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Dragon ball was inspired by the Chinese comic Journey to the west and is credited as the most influential shōnen manga of the last 30 years.

In recent years, Shonen anime has changed the track with new experiments and new genres. The latest and modern Shonen manga includes the infusion of obscure, dark, and mature stuff, which is sometimes restricted for teenagers by their guardians. Top 9 modern Shonen anime series:

  1. Sorcery Fight.
  2. Attack on Titan.
  3. Assassination Classroom.
  4. Food Wars.
  5. Black Clover.
  6. Demon Slayer.
  7. Fire Force.
  8. My Hero Academia.
  9. Dr. Stone.

Which Term Is Correct Shonen or Shounen?

You understand what is Shonen anime, but you explore it more, then you may see Shounen term instead of  Shonen. Even some browsers themselves neglect Shonen and display Shounen after correction. But you don’t have to confuse these terms because Shonen and Shounen are the same term with the same meaning and only has spelling difference.

When it comes to the difference between Shonen and Shounen, it is more closely related to Japanese spelling. Shonen is spelled Shounen in the hiragana alphabet (shi-yo-u-ne-n). However, for the sake of simplicity, the word u is sometimes deleted, and Shonen is an equally legitimate English spelling. So, take your pick without worry.

Should You watch Shonen anime?

best shonen anime

After knowing everything about what is Shonen anime, you may be figuring out, “Should you watch Shonen anime?” Then I would say Yes, You must watch Shonen/Shounen anime because nothing could be better than that. If you love the genres like adventure, school chants, lounges, furious, barbecue, beanfeast, etc., then Shonen is something you shouldn’t miss.

You can opt for full of fantasy and adventurous Shonen manga series like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood instead of just ruthless comics. However, some Shonen anime might not be accessible due to censorship or restricted age group, although more recently, they are projected as mature content rather than just dark comedy. Lastly, I will say that it is entirely up to you what you want to watch.

Closing Words

I hope this article helps you to understand what is Shonen anime and how it differs from other anime series. This article explains what is a shonen manga, popular shonen anime, modern Shonen anime, how Shonen and Shounen are different, and why you should watch shonen anime.

In closing words, shonen anime is a demographic anime that targets young teen boys. These series are full of entertainment and adventures and massively popular among teenagers. Which shonen anime would you like to watch? Let me know your opinions through the comments.