Top 10 Reasons Why Is One Piece So Good?

Why Is One Piece So Good

One piece is not only the longest anime but also the most popular one. But do you know why is one piece so good? What makes one piece anime so popular? No need to say that one piece is at the top of the list of historical shonen anime.

Apart from all this, this epic anime is also part of the big three anime. These are all just a few aspects that make one piece so special or, in certain cases, a “masterpiece.” In this article, I am going to tell you the top 10 reasons why is one piece so good. You can also share your viewpoint on the same.

Why is One Piece so good?

why is one piece so good

One Piece gained popularity along the way and is continuously setting records, from the text-based manga to the anime adaptation. But neither is this a matter of chance nor is it the result of great serendipity.

It is because One Piece is the only show of its kind and is most likely the first in anime history. Let’s explore the facts behind the popularity of OP.

1. Huge work on character development

I can challenge you that you will not find such a great anime with precise character development even after crossing 1000 episodes. Leave Luffy aside, who is the main character of One Piece; OP has well-known characters like Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Trafalgar Law, Nico Robin, etc.

why is one piece so good

Now, you can argue (and you must) that Naruto also has some renowned characters; what is special about OP? If you have watched all episodes of One Piece, you come to know that ‘OP has dedicated episodes to detailed describe each character’ including his history, ambitions, etc.

And this is not the same in other anime series. For instance, I will again take the example of Naruto. How many of you are connected with Sakura, one of the three main characters, and her backstory? Not much, other than the fact that she is fond of Bella from the Twilight series.

2. Commendable ‘FIllers’

why one piece is so popular

Fillers are definitely an indispensable part of any anime. They are used to fill up the gap between manga and anime episode production. Fillers could be part of an original story, like the characters’ background, or they could be completely different. For more details about fillers, read this article.

But all the filler episodes are not good; even the most popular anime Naruto and bleach have some worst filler episodes. But this is not the case in One Piece, and this is just another reason why is One Piece so good.

OP has sensible and limited fillers that are entertaining, informational, and adventurous, unlike Naruto which has vague fillers. Some popular fillers are G8 Arc (196-206), Davy Back Fight Arc (207-219), Spa Island Arc (382-284), and Goat Island Arc (136-138).

3. The Plausible Storyline

why one piece is so popular

The storyline is obviously another aspect of why is One Piece so good. One Piece has grown to be among the most influential and well-liked manga and anime stories ever produced.

Its phenomenal plot is what makes One Piece so successful. Eiichiro Oda (the writer) has demonstrated that a series can endure the test of time if it contains a fantastic story.

Both the anime and the manga have been a huge hit. The way One Piece delivers a tale without revealing us explicitly is one of its key strengths. In One Piece, there are a lot of significant off-screen occurrences but not every significant occasion is depicted.

4. Luffy: From a middle class to a powerful pirate king

why is one piece so good

After the Red Hair Pirates had been living in the hamlet for about a year, Luffy decided to finally fulfill a boyhood dream of his and accompany them. To demonstrate that he was rugged enough to serve as a pirate, he sliced himself behind his left eye.

In addition to releasing powerful strikes and changing the direction of his assaults, Luffy has the ability to extend his arms and legs inside of his body. I admit that these powers are not as efficient as Naruto has yet the way Luffy gains these powers despite being a normal boy, is really commendable and stimulating.

5. Unlimited adventure

why is one piece so good and popular

Enjoying why is One Piece so good and popular? Let’s explore more what makes one piece unique. Dragon, the far more sought fella on the planet, is Luffy’s father. Garp, the world’s finest warrior, is Luffy’s father.

His brother Ace, was the offspring of the pirate king. And now there is another notion that Luffy is the world’s destined one maybe Joy Boy. Nothing is altered as a result. It is evident that everything about Luffy is his alone; hence his family is irrelevant.

In the manga, One Piece battles usually appear to be stronger. Even so, they simply can’t compare to Naruto’s battles, as later was an action genre anime; we have seen some incredible bouts.

6. The oddness in the soul

one piece is completely a unique masterpiece

Literally, no one can deny this point that one piece is completely a unique masterpiece. One Piece is a unique concept that has been impacted by both mainstream culture and original abstractions.

Oda does a great job of fusing cliché shounen themes into this reality. Considering that they have many characteristics with our own society—such as money, governance, law enforcement, royalty, slavery, and many other things—the world he has crafted appears realistic.

Oda never hesitates to express his opinions, regardless of how absurd and ridiculous they may sound to others. He simply accepts his quirkiness and makes it the focus of an interesting and well-organized presentation.

7. Distinctive world building

popular anime with twist

Without extensive world-building, the 1000+ episode benchmark would not have been accomplished. A completely original and exceptional environment comes with the ostensibly challenging endeavor of describing the entire world to the spectator so they may understand what is actually out there.

Oda, however, is eager to perfect it and does not find it to be difficult. There are personalities who perished in their lives, but we knew small parts of them, such as Nolan who traveled the world, or Ryuma who inhabited 400 years ago. We find evidence of empires that thrived thousands of years ago.

8. Emotional attachment

why is one piece so good and popular

No doubt, despite being one of the best adventure anime, there are many great scenes when you start sobbing along with the characters. One piece universe has created very strong emotional scenes irrespective of the characters and this realized us why is one piece so good than other anime.

One Piece fans consider Ace’s passing to be among the saddest scenes because not only did we end up losing a favorite character, but we also witness Luffy being strained beyond belief. It was a very stressful moment when Ace realized he had been hit in the chest by Akainu, the navy admiral.

9. Villians contributed equally

why is one piece so good

In contrast to other anime, where the central protagonist invariably comes out on top, the series has been dominated by villains since the first episode. Luffy has developed into one of the world’s most formidable combatants over the years, but he had to battle a tonne of bad guys to get to this point.

Blackbeard, for instance, has grown increasingly persuasive in the universe of One Piece over the years and has become exceedingly ruthless. He was behind Ace’s death, killed Whitebeard, and is among the few individuals who rival Luffy for the title of Pirate King.

10. Adaptation of Guinness world record holder manga

popular manga series

One Piece is premised on perhaps the most acclaimed and enduring manga series ever, and it is a global classic. There isn’t much filler, and it is a respectable rendition. One Piece has been running for a while, and its franchise is still working great with a variety of goods, computer games, and motion pictures.

Interestingly, the manga version of this Japanese anime is just as well-liked and boasts the Guinness World Record for the highest number of copies of a single comic book series ever produced. Read more at the Guinness world record’s website by clicking here.

Closing words

These are the top 10 reasons why is one piece so good and why one piece anime is so popular. One Piece is still being developed and is one of the longest anime series, therefore, there will be more fantastic Oda’s charismatic manga episodes to come.

However, there could be more reasons why one piece anime is great, but I have listed the top 10 only. I would like to hear from you, what you think about the OP’s popularity. Share your views through comments and let me express your viewpoints on why one piece is so popular.

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