What Is Manhwa? How It Is Different From Manga?

What Is Manhwa? How It Is Different From Manga

In the animation universe, manga and manhwa are two popular styles. However, fewer know what is Manhwa? How is manhwa different from the manga? On either side, there are many manga fans who are interested in learning more about manhwa.

In a nutshell, whether it is manga, manhwa, or manhua, all are referred to the same concept and artwork; comics. Regardless, there is a huge difference between manga, manhwa, and manhua.

But first, we must comprehend what is manhwa and the meaning of manhwa. Also, Read What is the difference between anime and cartoons?

What Is Manhwa? Meaning Of Manhwa

What Is Manhwa

Comics and printed graphics in Korea are referred to as manhwa. But outside Korea, the phrase is most commonly used to designate South Korean comics. Manhwa is a popular kind of entertainment in South Korea, but it has spread to several other nations.

Manhwa, manga, and manhua are all vernacular terms for comics in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, respectively. In the past, the titles manga, manhua, and manhwa all had the same similar definition of amusing artwork.

In Korea, the phrase manhwa became popularized in the early 20th century after it was applied to cartoons. Numerous newspapers were closed by the mid-1920s, and socio-economic and political caricatures had been substituted with comical pictures and cartoons intended for children.

What Is Manhwa

The first manhwa comic magazine is Manhwa Haengjin, which was published by Korean artist Kim Yong-hwan in 1948. Unfortunately, it was soon prohibited and shut down by the Korean government because of the controversy over the title cover of a magazine.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the popularity of comic books skyrocketed, resulting in a wide range of genres and subject matter, leading to the creation of new genres including sunjeong.

Although scholars suggest that manga originated in the 12th century, the contemporary style as we know it only emerged after WWII.

When romance and male-female-themed magazines like shonen and seinen began to print, manhwa publications made a breakthrough.

What Is Manhwa? What Is The Difference Between Manga And Manhwa?

Difference Between Manga And Manhwa

When you looking for what is manhwa, then I recommend understanding the difference between manga and manhwa. Manga is normally printed in black and white on paper and on the internet unless it is a special edition with bold colors or coloring pages.

Manhwa, unlike manga, is frequently in color when published online but in black and white when printed. However, when it comes to the characters, there is not much difference between these two styles; except manga has more vibrant characters.

Another difference between manga, manhwa, and manhua is the titles of their creators. A creator who makes manga is called a mangaka, a creator who produces manhwa is called mahwaga, and a creator who makes manhua is known as manhuajia.

These phrases are most often used by foreign readership to refer to comics produced in a certain country. Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and Chinese manhua are the three types of comics.

What Is Webtoon? Difference Between Manhwa And Webtoon

what is manhwa? what is webtoon

In a nutshell, webtoons are the digital format of manhwa and are published electronically only. Webtoons are digital comics that debuted in South Korea and are designed to be viewed on computers and smartphones.

Manhwa rose to popularity in the 1950s and 1960s but fell out of favor in the mid-1960s due to harsh censorship restrictions.

However, manhwa resurfaced in popularity after South Korea developed portals such as Daum Webtoon in 2003 and Naver Webtoon in 2004 that published digital manhwa classified as webtoons.

When a manga series gets popular, tankobon collection volumes are printed. Chapters of digital manhwa and manhua are published on webtoon portals every week.

Top 10 Popular Manhwa

what is manhwa

Now, you are very well aware of what is manhwa, manhua, and webtoon? We also discussed how manhwa is different from manga and webtoon. Let’s discuss the top 10 best manhwa which you must read.

  1. Solo Leveling Manhwa (vols unknown)
    Mar 2018 – Dec 2021
  2. The Horizon Manhwa (3 vols)
    Mar 2016 – Jul 2016
  3. Wind Breaker Manhwa (vols unknown)
    Dec 2013 –
  4. Bastard Manhwa (5 vols)
    Jul 2014 – May 2016
  5. Who Made Me a Princess
    Manhwa (vols unknown) Dec 2017 –
  6. Tower of God Manhwa (vols unknown)
    Jul 2010 –
  7. The Legend of the Northern Blade Manhwa (vols unknown)
    Jan 2020 –
  8. The Breaker Manhwa (10 vols)
    Jun 2007 – Jul 2010
  9. The Breaker: New Waves Manhwa (20 vols)
    Oct 2010 – May 2015
  10. Omniscient Reader Manhwa (vols unknown)

FAQ Related To Manhwa

Q.1. What is Manhwa?

Ans. Manhwa is a Korean comic and printed graphics.

Q.2. Which is older manhwa or manga?

Ans. Manga is older than manhwa. The first traditional manga was published somewhere in 1912 while the first manhwa was published in 1948.

Q.3. Are Manhwa and Manhua same?

Ans. No. Manhwa and manhua are totally different. Manhwa is a Korean comic style while manhua is a Chinese comic style.

Q.4. Are manhwa and webtoon the same?

Ans. No. Manhwa and webtoon are not the same but they are interchangeable. Manhwa is the printed media while webtoon is a digital media and is published on a digital platform only like smartphones.

Q.5. Does manhwa get an anime adaptation?

Ans. Yes. Manhwa gets anime adaptation. For example Blade of the Phantom Master and Tower Of God.

Q.6. Which is the most popular manhwa? Which is no. 1 manhwa?

Ans. According to the MyAnimeList rankings and based on readership, Solo Leveling is the no. 1 manhwa which will soon get an anime adaptation.