Top 10 Shoujo Anime Of All Time

Top 10 Shoujo Anime Of All Time

Shoujo anime expresses passion and support for female characters, not merely a “female demographic.” But that doesn’t always mean that only women watch shoujo anime.

This girl or young woman demographic anime is immensely loved worldwide. Today, we discuss the top 10 Shoujo anime series of all time (since its inception).

In the last few years, we have seen popular Shoujo anime series, which we are discussing here. If you still don’t know exactly what a shoujo anime is, click here. We have already deeply addressed this part. So, let’s start best shoujo anime series of all time.

Do you know: In the initial days (1903), most Shoujo magazine artists were Male! This is 1960 when female artists start emerging.

10. Yona of the Dawn

Top 10 shoujo anime

Anime: Yona of the dawn
Aired: 2014-15
Genre: Adventure/Epic Fantasy/Romance
Episodes: 24

Yona is a popular historical shoujo anime with a pinch of romance also. It was aired back in 2014 but is still popular among anime fans. The storyline starts with the depiction of human greed for power. Yona was a princess (her father was king kouka), leads a lavish lifestyle and later ruled under the Sky tribe.

Her bodyguard and the general of the wind tribe Hak defended her during a major combat emergency. He moved her outdoors, where she matured and grew up, ultimately marrying Hak. Will her father allow her to marry him, or it leads to another major destructive war? Watch this anime to get the answers.

9. Angel Beats

Shoujo anime series

Anime: Angle beats
Aired: 2010
Genre: Fantasy/Afterlife
Episodes: 13

This short Shoujo anime series is based on the afterlife anime and is also among the saddest anime series of all time. The narrative centers on Yuzuru Otonashi, an amnesic youngster who dies and finds himself in the afterlife, where he retains nothing except his name.

She met with Yuri Nakamura, who invites him to join Battlefront (SSS) against unseen God. They believed that these unseen gods were responsible for their pathetic condition. Otonashi participates in numerous SSS operations and battles; however, he still questions the morality of their actions.

8. Blue Spring Ride

best anime series

Anime: Blue Spring Ride
Aired: 2014
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 12

Blue spring ride is one of the most popular shoujo anime series aired in 2014. Also, it is the best romance anime with an impressive high school love plot. Futaba Yoshioka, the main protagonist, finds her life uninteresting until he met to her first love Kou Tanaka.

She felt that Kou is no more the same as he used to be. He is more bold, cool, and indifferent, or say his life was completely transformed. By inspiring him and joining a new school, Futaba decided to make a positive change in her life too. However, the story is not as simple as it seems; there is a series of breaks up and patches.

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7. Fruit Basket

Top anime series

Anime: Fruit basket
Aired: 2001
Genre: Romantic/Slice of Life/Supernatural
Episodes: 26

This multi-genre anime series is the best shoujo anime in the previous few decades. If you love to watch slice-of-life anime, don’t miss this one. It tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who learned about the Chinese Zodiac and its misuse of animals.

In her quest to end the curse, she encounters and learns about the malevolent zodiac spirits of the Sohma. They also have Akito as their leader, who in Chinese mythology serves as “God.” The family is kept together and bound to their spirits by both Akito and Shoma.

6. Banana Fish

best shoujo anime of all time

Name: Banana Fish
Aired: 2018
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Episode: 24


Love high school drama? This is another great Shoujo anime series based on high school drama and set in New York. While attempting to shut down Golzine’s illegal enterprise, Ash starts to look into the origin of “banana fish.”

Throughout these endeavors, he runs into numerous allies and adversaries. It quickly becomes apparent that “banana fish” is a medication that subjugates users and was created by an American military scientist during the Vietnam War.

5. Your Life in April

great Shoujo anime series

Name: Your Life in April
Aired: 2014
Genre: Romance/Drama
Episode: 22

One-shot comic submitted by Arakawa to a contest served as the basis for the manga series. In September 2016, the same-named live-action movie was released. Piano prodigy Kousei Arima gains notoriety after placing first in multiple tournaments.

Kousei had a mental collapse while practicing the piano during a piano exhibition after the passing of his mother Saki. Despite the fact that the rest of his hearing is unharmed, this causes him to lose the ability to hear the piano.

4. Orange

best anime series

Anime: Orange
Aired: 2016
Genre: Drama/Romance/Slice of Life
Episodes: 13

During her 2nd year of high school in Matsumoto, Naho Takamiya received letters from herself (future) that were delivered ten years ahead of time. It has something to do with the incoming foreign student, Kakeru, from Tokyo, and her future self advises her to avoid having her “greatest remorse”.

Naho decides to follow the instructions in the letters in an effort to avoid making the same mistake again. Kakeru committed suicide during Valentine’s Day in the school year in which he registered, as revealed by the letters to Naho, and is no longer alive.

3. My Love Story

romantic comedy anime series

Name: My Love Story
Aired: 2015
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Episodes: 24

My love story is a romantic comedy series and winner of the Kodansha Manga Award. MLS is worth watching and is one of the best Shoujo anime series when it comes to love stories. The protagonist of the storyline is Takeo Goda, a big, sculpted high school student who struggles to find success with girls.

The girls he likes end up in relationships with his charismatic and attractive best friend, Makoto Sunakawa, which causes him to have uncomfortable relationships with them.

All of this alters when he rescues Rinko Yamato, a small, quiet girl who, contrary to all anticipations, hooks up with Takeo, starting a special love story.

2. Maid Sama

greatest shoujo anime of all time

Name: Maid Sama
Aired: 2010
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Episodes: 26

I personally think Maid Sama is the best romance Shoujo anime between two very different characters. Seika High, a notoriously raucous high school that was once exclusively for boys, has changed its gender.

She devotes a lot of work to both sports and academics, winning the respect of the teachers along the way. She ultimately succeeds as the school’s 1st female president of the student council.

Even though she has a great reputation, she discreetly takes a part-time job at a maid café to pay back the unsustainable debt their father left them in order to assist her mother and younger sister.

Takumi Usui, a renowned boy at Seika High, quickly learns Misaki’s secret, which was terrible. Since he considers Misaki “interesting,” Usui likes her. Usui’s challenging parental history, however, is causing him to have dating issues.

1. Nana

Name: Nana
Aired: 2006
Genre: Musical/Romance
Episodes: 46

Nana is on the top of our best Shoujo anime series list. It is among the finest animated series that focuses on real-life situations, so even if you aren’t a big fan of this genre, you must still give it a try.

Two Nana girls who have very different personalities are central to the storyline of Nana. Even though the two ladies are very different in terms of personality and goals, they end up finding things in common and, by chance, end up sharing an apartment.

While their relationship deepens, the two make an effort to stand by one another as they battle to build a better future for themselves. The challenges of stardom and romance, though, start to put their friendship to the test as they pursue their aspirations.

Closing Words

This is our list of top 10 Shoujo anime series that you must watch even if you do not love the Shoujo genre. You will absolutely fall in love with this series; I can guarantee it. In this list, we’ve covered everything from slice-of-life anime to romance and drama.

I hope you enjoyed and agreed with my pick of the top 10 Shoujo anime series of all time. However, there is a likelihood that your favorite anime is not included in our list. Comment me about your favorite Shoujo anime and why you think it belongs on this list.

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