What Anime Is Rem From? Age, Love, Powers, Everything About Rem

What Anime Is Rem From

Some anime characters are exceptionally strong, like Akuto Sai from Demon King Daimao, and some are extremely loyal, like Rem from Re: Zero.

But who is Rem? What anime is rem from? Is Rem a boy or girl? and Why Rem is so popular? We will discuss the answers to these questions in this article. Stay connected till the end of this article. Meanwhile, you can read what anime is Astolfo from?

Who Is Rem And Who Is Ram?

Who Is Rem

Rem is a respectful blue-haired maid girl and a widely popular character from Re: Zero anime. In the popularity meter, she even succeeded the main character of anime, Subaru Natsuki. Rem and her twin sister Ram both are maids in service at the Margrave Roswaal L Mathers.

She wore a simple maid outfit and interacts in a polite and generous way like one might be expected of someone working in the court of the royal family.

She is also a secondary antagonist in the 2nd phase, a primary protagonist in the third, and a supporting character throughout the series. Rem and Ram were born and grew up in the kingdom of Lugunica, which is inhibited by Oni, human-like demons. All the Oni inhabitants were born with 2 horns and have a supernatural ability to grow horns.

What Anime Is Rem From

However, these twin sisters have only one horn, and this is the first time when twins have been born in the history of the Lugunica kingdom. Ram, the senior sibling, was an exceptionally talented and strong wizard. Rem, on the other hand, was sloppy and had to rely on her sister all of the time.

In a later period, Rem and Ram’s town was overrun by a dreadful group named the Witch’s Cult. Excluding the Rem and Ram, who were capable of beating them off with their great powers, they ruthlessly massacred all of the town’s people.

The twins were adopted by Roswaal L. Mathers, one of Lugunica’s most renowned wizards, shortly after their house was destroyed. Here, they get introduced to the main character Subaru Natsuki.

What Anime Is Rem From?

What Anime Is Rem From

So, what anime is Rem from? Rem is from Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World episode 11. Rem is a maid in Margrave Roswaal L Mathers along with her twin sister Ram. As discussed above, the twins were adopted by Roswaal L. Mathers and introduced to Subaru Natsuki.

Subaru, Rem, and Ram, the series’ primary characters, reside in a large manor, and they are responsible for maintaining the manor as well as taking care of crown member Emilia. They both have amazing power to communicate, which is known as Synesthesia.

This power enables Rem and Ram to mentally transmit their thoughts to one another, allowing them to stay in touch even when they are unable to hold a conversation. Rem hasn’t ever grown stronger as an Oni, and she has spent the majority of her identity under Ram’s shadow, despite her family’s adoration for her.

Does Rem Loves Subaru? Relationship Of Rem And Subaru?

Relationship Of Rem And Subaru

After Subaru spares her life right at the end of Arc 2, she becomes infatuated with him. Throughout various timeframes, she tends to end up throwing her life at stake for Subaru. Obviously, both are strangers to each other when they initially met, but in many instances, when Subaru saves Rem’s life, she getting loves him.

There were many instances when we glimpsed their affection towards each other. Rem and Subaru are overrun by mabeasts once they walk into the woodland close to the town to help the children in Chapter 9. Rem is pressed to her bursting point and transforms into a demonic form.

rem is which anime

Rem was blown away by a group of mabeasts and nearly slaughtered despite her valiant efforts. Subaru, on the other hand, acted bravely and knocked her out of danger, taking a hit for her. He was badly wounded as he fell to the ground, although Rem was able to flee at the moment with him.

Subaru, on either side, admitted that he adores Emilia and that seeing her smiling is his ultimate desire. Even in the 21st episode, he questioned Rem about why she always stayed by his side, despite the fact that he claimed to love Emilia. However, all these don’t mean that Subaru doesn’t like her back, but he committed to Emilia due to her first love.

How Old Is Rem? Characteristics of Rem

So, you gotta know what anime is Rem from? But do you know what is the age of Rem? This is the most sought question about Rem. In both the first and second arcs, Rem is 17 years old. She and Subaru, together with her twin Ram, are residing in Roswaal’s Manor in the 2nd phase, seeking to investigate his assassination. She becomes 18 well before 3rd arc gets underway.

What anime is Rem fromRe: Zero
Age17 years
Birthday2nd February
Weight125 lb
Height154 cm / 5 ft 1-inch
SpeciesOni ( Demon )
FamilyA twin sister- Ram

What Are The Powers Of Rem?

Loving what anime is Rem from? Let’s explore more about Rem and her powers. While you already know Rem is clumsy, sluggish, and unskilled, it’s exciting to learn about her abilities. Rem’s primary ability is synesthesia, which allows her to converse with her sister in unusual situations.

what anime is rem from

Rem is also specialized in “Water Magic,” which she is trained by Roswaal. She can also perform all forms of magic, notably casting magic spells, something her sister is skilled at; however, her magic is not such strong as her sister’s except water magic.

The popular water magics in which she got the mastery are Huma (defensive), Al Huma (fire ice spears), El Huma (offensive), and Healing magic. Rem is a passionate student of sorcery, striving to recompense for her inadequacies in Oni magic.

What Anime Is Rem From

Rem is an Oni, a type of species that can gain mystical skills by taking on the appearance of an Oni. Unfortunately, she is inferior to the usual Oni since she only has one horn. Regardless of how much she trained, she could never match her sister’s abilities.

Almost everyone, including her family, considered her sister has always been the best. They’d even assure Rem that she’d grow up to be just like her sister. And that is why she attempted to learn how to cook in order to excel in something that her sister completely lacks.

Closing Words

I hope you got the answer to what anime is Rem from after reading this article. In this article, we discussed everything about Rem and Ram, including their powers, characteristics, age, skills, and relationships. Rem is from the anime Re: Zero and firstly appeared in episode 11.

Among Rem and Ram, the latter is superior to earlier gifted by birth, while Rem is known for her politeness and her excellency over water magic. I hope you loved this article; for similar posts in the future, stay connected with MyAnimeFacts.

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