Do You Really Know How Many Quirks Does Deku Have?

How Many Quirks Does Deku Have

Deku is the main protagonist in My Hero Academia who leaves fans with ambiguous facts like how many quirks does Deku have? Is Deku has 6 quirks or 8 quirks? How did Deku get his quirks? How powerful are Deku’s quirks?

Born quirk-less, Izuku Midoriya aka Deku becomes the strongest character of My Hero Academia. Due to his innate heroism and desire to be powerful and bring justice to the people, he was capable of developing and revealing multiple quirks over time.

How Many Quirks Does Deku Have?

How Many Quirks Does Deku Have

So, how many quirks does Deku have? Deku has six quirks that were transferred to him by the previous bearer and has a One For All quirk. The successor inherits One For All anytime someone with a peculiarity transmits it forward. Chapter 344 of My Hero Academia confirmed about 6 quirks of Deku.

That’s how he has 6 quirks; One For All had quirks for six generations. He was able to use his quirks and power up to 100% however, only a certain percentage is sufficient to devastate everything.

Izuku Midoriya or Deku was born powerless and quirks less, so bullied by his fellow students during school days. His commitment to achieving the powers he desired led to the creation of a formidable anime character.

Midoriya was capable of activating and employing Daigoro Banjo Quirk. It enables him to project cosmological models tentacles from his wrists, which he can wield to seize adjacent structures around the surroundings. Cords of dark energy protruded from his entire body.

Interestingly, Deku’s Daigoro Banjo quirk seems to be much more powerful than the one with its original user, indicating that this has been upgraded and blended with the speedy One For All, an Energy stockpiling Quirk.

Deku has also exhibited the 3rd Quirk, which was formerly held by Shimura Nana, All Might’s trainer. Deku, in particular, is a fairly enigmatic man who has yet to fully disclose himself to his comrades.

how many quirks does Deku have

Remember, quirks are not permanently owned by a specific character or protagonist but transferred from one bearer to another.

I still believe that he is unaware of his own abilities, and he still has more quirks and powers to uncover in order to become the most powerful character in anime history. Also, Read What was the first anime ever made.

How Did Deku Get His Quirks?

It is complex to explain how many quirks does Deku has but it can be understood by the journey of Deku. Izuku was not originally strong, but he has demonstrated to be quite brilliant in countless events, revealing acute perception and reasoning skills and superb empiricism and inventiveness.

As I stated above, Izuku Midoriya was not blessed with special abilities, but he dreamed to be magnificent one day, and his ambition was realized when he met his inspiration, All Might. To fulfill his dream, he was decided to went to the U.A hero academy which considered the best academy to reveal heroic traits.

how many quirk deku has

During a trivial fight in school when Deku is attacked by a villain, All Might get the first glimpse of Deku’s courage. On this day, All Might decided to help Deku to achieve his dreams and get admission to the U.A High. He granted Izuku his own quirk and make him the 9th holder of the One For All.

He later passed the admissions test and was accepted into U.A High, adopting the heroic title Deku. Izuku has succeeded in reawakening the hidden peculiarities of One for All’s prior owners. These quirks have all been a subset of Deku’s One for All quirk, hence they can’t be regarded as distinct.

Izuku’s skills were developed enormously by the period of the Paranormal Liberation War, to the extent that he can battle alongside excellent Pro Heroes like Eraser Head, Gran Torino, and others.

What Are The Six Quirks Of Izuku Midoriya?

how many quirks does Deku have

While you know how many quirks does Deku have, let’s explore those 6 quirks of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku. Izuku has power to six different quirks, according to Chapter 344 of the manga My Hero Academia.

1. One For All

When Izuku was decided to succeed in All Might, he was given the ability to use One For All for the very first time. Izuku has perfected that power over time, showcasing that he can use up to 20% of his maximum power in short spurts. It gives him tremendous strength, quickness, resilience, flexibility, and longevity.

2. Fa Jin

The 3rd recipient’s quirk. Izuku can use this Quirk to accumulate and absorb angular velocity as he runs. He will then use this accumulated energy to unleash a powerful burst of strength and agility, however, it was one-time usable power.

3. Danger Sense

Hikage Shinomori is the 4th wielder of One For All quirk. Izuku can sense hazards in the immediate vicinity because of this Quirk. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku was fortunate to awake it, but he was initially unaware of what that is.

Izuku can utilize his Danger Sense to detect where crooks are as well as follow them out while taking down the League of Villains.

4. Blackwhip

The quirk of Daigoro Banjo, the 5th wielder. Izuku may use this Quirk to produce black magic tentacles from the body, which are useful for clinging. Due to One For All, the quirk has greatly increased in potency and applicability by the period Izuku unleashes it.

5. Smokescreen

Izuku can use this Quirk to create a large plume of smoke. He can create a large plume of smoke, but it backfires by masking Izuku’s sight as well. Eventually, he can flood the streets with Smokescreen and draw Muscles towards them.

6. Float

Nana Shimura’s quirk. Izuku can dangle himself in mid-air using this Quirk. It is unlike many of his previous quirks in that it would have no aggressive advantages, although it is quite useful for avoiding opponent strikes.

Is Izuku Midoriya Strongest Anime Character? What Are The Powers Of Deku?

how many quirks does Deku have

Midoriya can squeeze out all the greatest strength his Quirk has had to grant while using Eri’s strength to neutralize the repercussion of mangling One For All. Though while discussing how many quirks does Deku have, we came across various skills Deku has yet still not acquired his full powers.

In his ultimate form, Izuku absolutely outnumbered Overhaul at indefinite 100 percent. With a flying knee, he managed to catapult Overhaul’s huge figure into the clouds before pummeling him with whacks.

Unfortunately, Izuku reportedly has next to no command over the whole part of One For All, as his physique also isn’t entirely manifested and he seems unable to voluntarily associate or escape.

I strongly feel that he will one day be competent to access himself 100 percent, and that’s still a long time away.

Supermoves Of Izuku Midoriya

Deku acquires a variety of incredible moves as a result of his rigorous training and the supreme power of One For All, as listed below:

  • Delaware Smash: Powerful wind pressure with the shock waves.
  • United States of World Smash: Valley of punches.
  • Detroit Smash: A strong straight uppercut.
  • Double Detroit Smash: Create huge explosions.
  • Delaware Smash Air Force: Four Delaware mashes simultaneously.
  • One For All – 30%.
  • One For All – 45%.
  • One For All – 100%.
  • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash: Strongest smash of Deku.
  • Texas Smash: Create wind pressure.
  • Wyoming Smash: 100% power in one hand.
  • Manchester Smash: Axe kick into the air.

Closing Words

So, what do you think, how many quirks does Deku have? Deku has 6 quirks and One For All as base power. According to you which of the quirks of Deku is the most powerful? I hope you got these answers from this article on how many quirks does Deku have?

Despite knowing he has no powers and might not have ever, Deku dreamed to be as powerful as his idol, All Might. Deku or Izuku Midoriya is immensely powerful, however, he yet neither fully unlocked his full potential nor has full control over the quirks. You can share your views on the quirks that Deku has via the comment section.

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